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Clouds the Atmosphere and Meteoric Dust

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Clouds the Atmosphere and Meteoric Dust
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The Roman Empire

...By our cutting the Earth to pieces, opening canals, and thereby entirely changing our climates. SD2 700. HPB.

...By our cutting the Earth to pieces, opening canals, and thereby entirely changing our climates. SD2 700. HPB.


Clouds, the Atmosphere and Meteoric Dust:


Global Warming and depletion of the protective planetary Aura:


Meteoric dust is imperceptible to the eye, but it results in very substantial sediments. FW1 428.


…Every globe of a planetary chain is surrounded during its globe manvantara with a thick veil of meteoric dust, most of it very fine, some of it, however, consisting of more or less large bodies.' (Fountain-Source, 336)


'Mars has at present none or very little of such a protecting veil, simply because its life-energies have gone to another globe of the Martian planetary system -- the Martian planetary chain -- and the attractive magnetic force which holds together such a veil therefore is largely absent. But Venus and Mercury, for instance, have, as we have, such a protecting veil, although much thinner in Mercury's case than in that of Venus, because Mercury is just emerging from obscuration, and it is what the astronomers see when they look at those planets through their telescopes, when they see the "clouds," and note that they cannot see the face of the planet itself.' (Fundamentals, 340; see also Studies, 294-5)


'When the life-waves begin to come into Mars again, as they will before many millions of years have passed, Mars also will begin again to be re-covered with what scientists call heavy clouds, which are really veils of meteoric dust.' (Studies, 320) Studies in Occultism. By HP Blavatsky.


Satisfaction is within reach of those disciples who value the clouds, realizing that without clouds the sun would scorch. AY 110.


Read In conjunction with the paper on Ozone and the Climate these passages present a clear and lucid introduction to the atmosphere and meteoric dust. A planetary body with No protection from the scorching UV from the sun is usually, or should be, in pralaya, with no protecting veil of Meteoric dust or Ozone. These should be held together in a coherent and unified shield by an un-breached magnetic aura of the planet.  This HPB and MM clearly demonstrate. JPC.


JC: Master KH gives us a wonderfully clear summery here.


It was doubted whether the fact of our earth passing through a region of space in which there are more or less of meteoric masses has any bearing upon the height of our atmosphere being increased or decreased, or even upon the state of weather.


But we think we could easily prove it; and since they accept the fact that the relative distribution and proportion of land and water on our globe may be due to the great accumulation upon it of meteoric dust; snow --especially in our northern regions -- being full of meteoric iron and magnetic particles; and deposits of the latter being found even at the bottom of seas and oceans.


I wonder how Science has not hitherto understood that every atmospheric change and disturbance was due to the combined magnetism of the two great masses between which our atmosphere is compressed! I call this meteoric dust a "mass" for it is really one.


High above our earth's surface the air is impregnated and space filled with magnetic, or meteoric dust, which does not even belong to our solar system. Science having luckily discovered, that, as our earth with all the other planets is carried along through space, it receives a greater proportion of that dust matter on its northern than on its southern hemisphere, knows that to this are due the preponderating number of the continents in the former hemisphere, and the greater abundance of snow and moisture. KH Letters.


The Southern Hemisphere has a lesser proportion of meteoric dust accumulation, which may account for the thinning in the Antarctic pole of the stratospheric Ozone. A naturally occurring and physically directed Southern pole directed proportionally away from the accumulation of magnetic dust as Earth speeds through space has less chance of maintaining complete repair to its nether pole than it does the Northern pole which is the chief accumulation point quite literally.


Science today points out that it is the southern pole which high overhead sustains a thinning in the Stratosphere of the gas Ozone. This has been recorded for the last twenty years or so and has been monitored and graphed directly in proportion with the use of cfc's and also the recorded warming of the atmosphere with the rise of the industrial revolution. JPC.


Master KH goes on to say.  

Gaseous matter [Ozone and other gases jpc] is continually added to our atmosphere from the never ceasing fall of meteoric strongly magnetic matter, and yet it seems with them still an open question whether magnetic conditions have anything to do with the precipitation of rain or not! I do not know of any "set of motions established by pressures, expansions, etc., due in the first instance to solar energy."


Science makes too much and too little at the same time of "solar energy" and even of the Sun itself; and the Sun has nothing to do whatever with rain and very little with heat.


I was under the impression that science was aware that the glacial periods as well as those periods when temperature is "like that of the carboniferous age" -- are due to the decrease and increase or rather to the expansion of our atmosphere, which expansion is itself due to the same meteoric presence? At any rate, we all know, that the heat that the earth receives by radiation from the sun is at the utmost one third if not less of the amount received by her directly from the meteors. KH Letters.


KH clearly implies if not directly says, that an increase in the temperature of the planet should be due to an increase in the precipitation of meteoric matter which causes an expansion in the atmosphere due to an increased pressure therein. The carboniferous period was obviously one of global warming yet not one of man made greenhouse effect due to industrial pollution or pouring of billions of tonnes of gases and pollutants into the atmosphere.


In fact if most of the present Carbon and Oil deposits were laid down in the Carboniferous period when temperatures were very much higher, then it stands to analogical reason that their vast burning and releasing into the atmosphere will artificially raise the climatic temperature. It is precisely when the ozone should be accumulating in the stratosphere during the Antarctica winter that the CFC's made by man chemically react to destroy the Ozone!


JPC. February 2006.

Jeremy Condick.


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